Currency exchange rates of CAD in Ukraine

Exchange rates of CAD for

Currency exchange rates of CAD in Ukraine,

Operations Best rate Middle rate Official rate (NBU)
0.0000 UAH

Cross rates for CAD in ukrainian banks,

Currency Cross rate Which bank

CAD rates in ukrainian banks,

Bank Buy Sell
Credit Agricole logo icon Credit Agricole 21.1500 22.1500
Kredobank logo icon Kredobank 21.3000 22.1500
Pravex-Bank logo icon Pravex-Bank 20.0000 22.1500
Raiffeisen Bank Aval logo icon Raiffeisen Bank Aval 20.0000 22.2000
Ukreximbank logo icon Ukreximbank 21.4500 22.3500

Currency rates for 2021-01-13

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