Currency exchange rates of PLN in Ukraine

Exchange rates of PLN for

Currency exchange rates of PLN in Ukraine,

Operations Best rate Middle rate Official rate (NBU)
nan UAH

Cross rates for PLN in ukrainian banks,

Currency Cross rate Which bank

PLN rates in ukrainian banks,

Bank Buy Sell
Credit Agricole logo icon Credit Agricole 6.5500 6.8200
FUIB logo icon FUIB 6.2500 7.2500
Idea Bank (Plus Bank) logo icon Idea Bank (Plus Bank) 6.3000 6.9500
Kredobank logo icon Kredobank 6.7000 6.9000
Megabank logo icon Megabank 6.5000 7.0500
Oschadbank logo icon Oschadbank 6.5000 6.8200
PIVDENNY logo icon PIVDENNY 6.6000 6.9000
Poltava-Bank logo icon Poltava-Bank 6.6700 6.7700
PrivatBank logo icon PrivatBank 6.6100 6.9100
UGB logo icon UGB 6.0000 7.3000
Ukreximbank logo icon Ukreximbank 6.5500 6.8000

Currency rates for 2021-09-24

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